I believe we are here to give more than we take - that our lives should be a net positive on the world, that entrepreneurship can be a powerful vehicle to make that happen, and that businesses are as unique as the individual bringing them to life.
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Why choose me?

I work with people who are making a difference in the world through their business and who are looking to:
Start Your Business
You have an idea - you know where you're going, but having someone riding shotgun and helping to navigate the maps with you would make your dream happen faster.   Finding your audience, honing your offering, navigating technology and the business basics - you know it's got to be done. You want to do it well.
Grow Your Business
You've made the leap and are ready for the next level in your business. You're looking to figure out how to reach more people, make a bigger impact or intentionally grow your team while still delivering quality to your customers.
Fall Back in Love with Your Business
You've got a business up and running and it's going well on paper, but it would be great to feel excited when you get out of bed in the morning. You would love to love what you do - to reconnect with the bigger "why" of it all and let it light you up again.